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Lumin-ART Productions: Creating Unique Visual Experiences Globally with Motif Fresco Projectors from Blizzard Lighting

Lumin-ART Productions is a company that creates unique visual experiences for all kinds of cultural events, having worked in over 40 countries, globally showcasing the talent of Quebec professionals.

With the support of AVL Media Group, a distributor of audio, video, and lighting solutions, the company uses the Motif Fresco projectors from Blizzard Lighting to highlight its artists and creations. These projectors can create multiple lighting visual effects, adding a unique touch to each project, as showcased in the show created for the city of Épernay’s town hall in the heart of the Champagne region in France. It was produced and directed by Graphics eMotion, a company that specializes in immersive and interactive multimedia installations.

“We are beyond proud to have delivered a project of this magnitude in France, even after two years of pandemic. We must remember that the performing arts industry was shut down until March 2022, which forced several people from the industry to search for a new job. For our part, we were able to maintain over 150 of our collaborators’ jobs during the crisis. By doing so, we could quickly resume our business activities, which was a major advantage on the global scene. We were one of the few local companies ready to provide a team of expert technicians. It was great to see all our efforts pay off,” says Simon Gauthier, Founder of Lumin-ART Productions.

For the Épernay town hall sound and lights show, the company has casted a troupe of performing artists to combine theatrical and visual arts. The production projected highlights of the town hall history, all while showcasing actors in period costumes and circus arts (acrobatics, dance, juggling, etc.).

“We also gave the population the opportunity to display their own photos on the town hall through a mobile app before the show, in hopes of creating a collective work. We wanted to include people through the different stages of the show so they could have the most stimulating experience possible,” explains Mr. Gauthier.

One of the most notable global projects created by the company, Sangue e Arena, was produced in Italy in the summer of 2018. This exhibition gave the public an immersed experience blending lights, music, storytelling, and cinematography that brought gladiatorial duels, staged animal fights, naval battles, gruesome executions of traitors and criminals, and some of the impressive engineering feats of the Roman era to life.

Pre- and post-pandemic, Lumin-ART Productions has distinguished itself on the global scene through its high-calibre visual designs. The business was able to navigate the COVID-19 crisis by finding innovative solutions to maintain its growth. It is now well positioned to continue to highlight Quebec’s expertise on the world stage!



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