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MIDAS Heritage-D HD96 consoles getting prepped for delivery…

REAL HD96 24
REAL HD96 24

The new console has a number of innovative features and it works with existing Midas DL I/O.  Here are the basics: 28 faders, 1152 inputs/outputs in total, with 144 flexible inputs, 96 flexible aux sends, left/right/mono, 24 dedicated matrix busses, two monitor busses, two solo busses, and 24 effects slots, with effects from TC and new emulations of classics built for the desk. It runs at 96kHz, with Midas’s famed processing delay compensation and phase alignment giving a maximum latency of 2ms.

At first glance, the most striking feature of the Heritage D is the huge touch screen and the whole design is ergonomic, friendly and solidly built.

  • 144 flexible inputs
  • 120 flexible outputs
  • Up to 96 stereo effect slots with additional dynamic effects
  • Full HD Multi Function Touchscreen
  • 24 VCAs
  • 24 Pop Groups / Layers
  • Dante, MADI and USB interface support via two CM1 slots
  • 64-bit FPGA processing with GPU co-processing
  • Dual Solo busses featuring duckers and afl/pfl configurable for input and output
  • Additional FX Pool of 120 freely assignable dynamics processors
  • 96 sterio 4 band eynamic eqs with MS mide and sidechain per band including beklow mode
  • 32 stereo 4 band mb comps with and sidechain per band (in future update)
  • Graviton Audio Engine is incorporated into surface
  • Two hypermacs configurable for dual redundant or independent operation
  • Compatible with the DL231, DL151, DL152, DL153, ​​DL154, DL155 and DL251 stage boxes



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