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AVL Media Group is proud  to share that 63 Blizzard Motif Fresco Outdoor Led Wash Fixtures were used in the spectacular Lumin-ART conception and installation at the Rome Colosseum. For more information on the Morif Fresco, CLICK HERE.




 Lumin-ART lights up the Colosseum!

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MONTREAL, August 17, 2018 – Founded in 2003, Lumin-ART Productions has by now made quite a name for itself in the performing arts world. Its founder, Simon Gauthier, specializes in stage lighting. He worked for some major productions in Quebec, such as Cirque du Soleil, Igloofest, Céline Dion and Madonna. But this time, he strutted his stuff overseas. In collaboration with Graphics eMotion, he flew to Italy in order to light up one of Europe’s most ancient monuments: The Colosseum!


An historical monument which spans the centuries, the Colosseum is one of the main attractions for tourists worldwide, with over 6 million visitors per year. Now under the management of archaeological park director Alfonsina Russo, it has once again become a venue for shows of all kinds.


Enter Sangue e Arena (Blood and Arena), one of this summer’s must-see productions. Through VR technology, the exhibition recreates the 100-day inaugural games held to celebrate the building of the amphitheatre in AD 80! Set up in the Colosseum, Sangue e Arena is an immersive blend of lights, music, storytelling and cinematography that brings to life the gladiatorial duels, staged animal fights, naval battles, gruesome executions of traitors and criminals, and some of the impressive engineering feats of the Roman era.


Lumin-ART Productions did not miss this opportunity to contribute to Sangue e Arena! Shouldered by an array of talents, the company met several needs of this production. With the help of his team, Simon Gauthier, who acted as lighting designer, took care of designing, programming and bringing forth the lighting aspects of the production. For this production, he teamed up with Graphics eMotion to project historically accurate animated pictures and 2D/3D models reminiscent of the era on the outer and inner walls of the Colosseum, as well as on a see-through, 18×4 m hologrammatic screen. The experience is compounded by lighting and sound effects, as well as by narration in both Italian and English. All in all, an authentic time-travelling experience!

For this exhibition, extensive collaboration was required between the museums and exhibitions division of the Italian publishing house Electa, the management of the archaeological park and a research team of historians, artists, architects and archaeologists.


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